Why the Crucian Christmas Festival is Perfect for Social Media

The Crucian Christmas Festival is the island’s signature cultural event of the year. In fact, it’s not fair to refer to it as one event as there are dozens of elements that make up the celebration. Feel the culture, appreciate the food and revel in the excitement – all in one day or over the course of a month. You can experience it in any way that suits your style. Just be sure to experience it.

So…where does social media come in? Any time AND all the time! It’s easy to fit the Festival celebration into your business’ social media plans:


Does your business contribute in some way to the Festival festivities? For example, provide supplies to food vendors, contribute to troupe costumes, or exhibit at the arts and crafts fair? Snap a picture and post it on your page. You’ll demonstrate your contribution to our unique culture.


 While much of the Festival takes place on St. Croix’s west end, it’s an island-wide celebration. Regardless of your location, plan specials and giveaways throughout the weeks leading up to and during Festival. Post them on your page and give your fans a reason to like and share your posts. It’s a great way to show your St. Croix pride.


With much of the island shut down between Christmas and Three King’s Day your followers may have more time to be online. Make sure you create events on your Facebook page and promote them on your other social channels to get the most visibility.

One of the nicest things about living on St. Croix is slowing down at the holidays to celebrate the past year’s accomplishments with friends and family. We’re all trying to live our best life in this community and there’s no better time than Festival to celebrate the best of where we live. Social media connects us all. Share the joy of the celebration with your island family!

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