Social Media for Hurricane Season

We’re one month into hurricane season – again. Think back to the first few weeks after Hurricane Maria. Once we started digging out of our homes our thoughts turned to “How will I survive without power for weeks (which turned out to be months)?” Where can I get gas for the generator? A meal that doesn’t come out of a can?

The coconut telegraph was in full swing for a good six months and rumors spread in every way imaginable. I remember hearing accounts from friends that they could only text, send emails or check Facebook in the wee hours of the morning because that’s when internet traffic was the lightest.

Some businesses, depending upon their location and resources, were up and running faster than others. Most of those that were able to help, did.

So, imagine that you are a Virgin Islands business and a tropical storm or hurricane strikes and leaves us without power. Using social media lets you control the message -not the rumor mill. If your business’ land line is down you can supply an alternate phone number. You can tell your customers when you’re open, when you’re not open, items that you have in full supply and items that are out of stock. Use it to your advantage and you could likely gain new customers simply by being a good neighbor.

On an island this size, when disaster strikes we’re reminded that we’re all in this together. Help each other out by using social media for communicating, sharing and helping your fellow Virgin Islanders.

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