I Know You’re Busy But…Post Regularly and Reap the Rewards

St Croix’s economy seems to be humming along pretty well right now. Limetree Bay’s reopening has created new jobs and we have seen an influx of temporary workers island-wide. Although housing is currently in short supply, we have more people on island spending money. Add in the seasonal visitors who fill up the resorts and tourist attractions, and it’s easy to be optimistic for our slice of paradise.

If your business is booming, you might think that you can cut back on your social media activities. In fact, you’re probably too busy to keep up with all that posting! But this is exactly the time you should be feeding your social media channels. Here’s why:

  1. You have loads of content when you’re booked solid. That’s a great time to capture pictures, reviews, testimonials and quotes from your customers. Even if you don’t use them right away, keep this content in your back pocket (or a folder on your computer) to post at a future date. Remember, content is king! It helps you get found online. Content from real customers is a great way to build your online presence.
  2. Keep your followers engaged. Social media algorithms reward businesses who post regularly and get engagement with their followers. If you stop posting you’ll lose that momentum and your page will be less likely to show up in your followers’ feeds. It’s hard enough to show up organically (without paid advertising or boosting posts) so keeping a steady presence will pay off when business slows down.
  3. Fill your feed. If you’re in the type of business where people research you prior to buying (and what business isn’t?), potential customers will likely go to your page to see what you’re all about. A gap in posting activity may make potential customers wonder why you haven’t posted in a while. Is it because you have nothing good to say? Or because you haven’t received any good reviews? Posting regularly tells potential customers you’re present. Also, if they’re thinking about contacting you but your page doesn’t give the impression that you’d be responsive, they may think twice about messaging you and go elsewhere.
  4. Get ideas for future ads. Social media is a good platform to test the waters because you can mix up graphics, text, and hashtags and see what type of response you get. Your goal should not always be to get the most likes or followers, but to reach your target audience. By posting regularly and analyzing the results you can determine the right formula for your business. Maybe it’s a certain hashtag, an inspirational quote, cute photo, or before-and-after that gets the best response. You won’t know until you try!

To wrap up, there are plenty of good reasons to post regularly on your social media channels. Maintain momentum with your followers and engage them with good content. Your customers will tell your story for you! Need help getting ideas? Let’s talk.

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